Hey y’all, I’m Carena…

I am the owner and CEO of Big Paws Copywriting. I shop small, eat local, and adopt my dogs from the local shelter (I have two).

I’m here to help midlife moms find their groove and kick-start passions into a business that lasts a lifetime. Through my courses, weekly newsletters, and vibrant online community, I’ve got your back every step of the way. Say goodbye to flyin’ solo and hello to a future you’re excited about!

“She’s a great communicator, a fast writer, and delivers copy that’s informative, fun and needs zero edits.”
– Melissa Esmeralda, Founder | MEO Marketing Group

This story begins…

My story begins in 2020 when I started with an idea to have an online business using my passion for words, it went through several transformations before it morphed into Big Paws Copywriting.

ariel shot of a hands on a lap top computer on a white table with a latte and green house plant
Happy ethnic woman sitting at table with laptop

And then I realized…

That so many women had brilliant ideas for products, services, their own businesses but got lost in the weeds of motherhood and, their job and their day-to-day life. just need a little bit of help to get their dream back on track I am talking about a dream that has burned in your soul since the very first time you sold Girl Scout cookies door to door A Dream to own your own business to have your own hours to have your own flexibility and freedom a dream you probably forgot about or thought wasn’t even possible anymore. I know I did.

I’m here to give you the support and tools that you need to run your own successful business from a side Hustle to a retirement gig you are excited about!

Let’s get this show on the road!

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