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“Carena wrote a fantastic blog for me, which helped me build my website SEO and increase my traffic. She is skilled (at copyrighting), professional, and timely. I recommend her to anyone looking for some awesome copyrighting.”
– Lauren Littlewood

If you landed on this page and you are still reading, there are a few things I know about you.

  1. You are looking for options. Maybe for your job, maybe for your life. 
  2. You have a bit of time on your hands, so you probably aren’t potty training any kiddos. You might be running them from practice to practice, waiting in the car, and wondering what you can do with all this time you have!

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Greetings from Sunny Sanger, Texas!

I am a former teacher, wife, and mom to 3 teens. I am on a mission to help women 40+ find their passion and turn it into their dream business. In between brown sugar, oat milk lattes, and binging old mystery series from the 80’s and 90’s. I help women just like you learn to run their very own businesses through my email courses, weekly newsletter, and community.  I am here to help you dust off that genius idea and find your secret sauce. It’s time to reconnect with your dreams and ignite a passion to start a business.

More about me

My BIG Why…

By constantly creating new offerings in the way of digital courses and templates, I can help even more mompreneurs, daydream believers, and women create a way to slide into a life they love and want to live. 

I Keep dreaming, I keep hustling, so get ready to watch me do a victory lap! 🚀✨

Every challenge is a chance for me to level up, learn, and emerge from the chaos even more badass! 

Big Paws Copywriting is committed to helping small businesses like yours stand out online, turn browsers into your community, and get more money in your PayPal account. I am here to help you connect with your peeps no matter where they are on their journey to being your loyal superfans, to keep you in the front of their minds and hearts, and to fill up your inbox with orders!

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