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How to Use Podcasts to Grow Your Audience and Boost Your Brand in 2024

It’s 5 a.m., and you are getting your morning workout on. You put in your earbuds and press play on your iPhone 11. It isn’t long until you are entirely entranced in your favorite true crime podcast. Before heading to work, you can lift weights, run on the treadmill, and binge a few episodes. You are a  multi-tasking marvel and ready to slay your day!

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Do you dream of starting your own podcast?

Podcasting 101: How have podcasts changed your daily Life?

Everywhere you look, there seems to be a new podcast popping up and competing for your attention. Podcasts are captivating you with the power of storytelling. Just like your grandpa would spin an intricate tale that kept you riveted on the edge of your bed. Podcasting keeps you on the edge of your rolling chairs and has taken over the airwaves.


Chew on this for a minute:

In a world where time is a precious commodity and attention spans are shrinking, a fascinating revolution has silently taken over: the irresistible rise of podcasts

That’s right, podcasts have your brain plugged into an invisible network of stories, ideas, and voices from around the world. As you navigate through what was once boring and mundane moments in your daily grind, podcasts have transformed your day into an epic journey. Giving you knowledge and entertainment that formerly you could only fill with a playlist. 

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It’s not too late to start your own podcast.

Which Podcasts Should I listen to?

The podcasts you can listen to are becoming as numerous as the books in your local library. 

While there are some runaway hits, podcasts can turn an unknown person into an overnight influencer. If you name any genre, you can find a podcast about it. History, Science, romance..

Just to name a few. For self-help junkies, podcasts can be another way to shape your growth mindset. You have tapped into the psychology of growth mindset and self-improvement.  Podcasts act as on-demand mentors, empowering you to thrive.

Podcasting by the Stats

You may realize that podcasting isn’t just for entertainment. What began as a niche market, has become mainstream. In fact, there are currently, in 2023,over 5 million podcasts worldwide for your ears! That number continues to grow. According to Oberlo, in 2019 there were 274.8 million listeners. That number has jumped to 464.9 million in 2023. The podcasting trend is expected to continue.  This exponential growth in podcast listeners indicates that podcasting is a growing trend that shows no signs of abating. With predictions of over 500 million podcast enthusiasts by 2024, it’s clear that podcasting has become an integral part of modern culture.

Selective Focus Photography of Gray Stainless Steel Condenser Microphone
With predictions of over 500 million podcast enthusiasts by 2024, it’s clear that podcasting has become an integral part of modern culture.

Is Podcasting Profitable?

While podcasting can be enjoyable a hobby, it’s better if you can make money. One way to make money is through sponsors. It can take time for you to build an audience. And just like with other types of media, the more followers you have, the more people will approach you for about advertising sponsorships. While there are some podcasters who rake in over a million dollars per year, this is not the fast track to financial freedom. Stay focused on creating great content consistently and the followers will find you. 

What Does The Future of Podcasting Look Like?

It’s true podcasting is strong and shows no signs of slowing in popularity any time soon. It rose in popularity during COVID when you were starved for human interaction. It seemed like a perfect way to combat the loneliness of being quarantined.  With the pandemic causing so much disruption in people’s daily lives, podcasting provided a welcomed distraction. It was a great way for people to stay connected to the outside world and each other while still staying safe at home.

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One way to make money is through sponsors.

Should You Start Your Own Podcast?

What are you waiting for? It’s not too late to start your own podcast. HERE is another article I wrote about the ever increasing popularity of podcasts. With the popularity of podcasts still continuing to rise, there is no time like now to start the podcast you’ve been thinking about. You can take to the airwaves with a minimal investment in equipment and an app or two. You can have your podcast up and running within a few days. What’s holding you back? Go get your dream!

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Go Get that DREAM! Start your own Podcast!

Finals Thoughts on Podcasting 

While the pandemic is past, the popularity of podcasts remains stronger than ever. HERE is another article from Neil Patel to help you get going!

So, plug in those earbuds, hit play, and embark on an odyssey into podcasts. They will capture your  imagination. Podcasts are an amazing way to discover new ideas, stories, and perspectives. They can also provide a sense of comfort and hope in difficult times. There is a podcast for everyone, so give it a try!

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