Welcome Email Sequence

Objective: Engage new subscribers and introduce them to email marketing benefits

Project Overview


As the owner of Big Paws Copywriting, I had the pleasure of working on a welcome email sequence for a client who wanted to effectively engage new subscribers and showcase the power of email marketing. My goal was to create a friendly, approachable tone that aligned with their brand while providing actionable insights and fostering a genuine connection with their audience.

This welcome email sequence successfully engaged new subscribers, fostering a sense of community and providing immediate, actionable value. The personalized approach and friendly tone helped build trust and rapport, positioning my client as a helpful and reliable resource for business owners.

Creating this welcome email sequence for my client was a rewarding experience. By aligning the content with their vision and voice, we delivered a sequence that not only welcomed new subscribers but also set the stage for long-term engagement and success. This project showcased my ability to create compelling email sequences that drive results and build strong connections.


The Sequence Included 5 Day of Content

Day 1: Freebie Delivery

For the first email, I focused on delivering the mini ebook on nurturing emails with excitement and enthusiasm. I designed the email to make the subscriber feel valued and eager to dive into the provided content. Emphasizing the power of email marketing in achieving business growth, I positioned it as a fun and rewarding task rather than a chore. The email concluded with a call to action, encouraging a simple reply to confirm receipt and foster immediate engagement.

Day 2: Tell Your Story

The second email aimed to build a personal connection by sharing my journey from teaching to becoming a business owner. By revealing my struggles and successes, I aimed to resonate with the audience’s own experiences and challenges. I highlighted the importance of supportive online communities and my commitment to creating a safe and understanding space for business owners. This email set the stage for a deeper, more personal relationship with the subscribers.

Day 3: The Segmentor

To better understand the subscribers’ needs, I introduced a fun and straightforward icebreaker in the third email. This allowed me to gather information about their business niche without making them feel overwhelmed. The four options provided a clear and easy way for subscribers to share their background, enabling me to tailor future content to their specific needs.

Day 4: Quick Wins

The fourth email focused on providing immediate value with three essential tips for writing effective emails. I used relatable analogies and a friendly tone to make the advice accessible and memorable. By encouraging subscribers to break down text walls, use GIFs, and write headlines last, I aimed to equip them with practical strategies they could implement right away. The inclusion of a bonus tip about the importance of a P.S. added an extra layer of value.

Day 5: Make an Offer

The final email in the sequence was designed to offer personalized support through coaching calls. I kept the tone casual and inviting, emphasizing my willingness to assist with anything, not just copywriting. By making this a standing offer, I reassured subscribers of my continued availability and support. This email also set the expectation for ongoing communication, promising monthly updates and tips.

Welcome Email Sequence Template